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Welcome to J&J’s Excellent Adventures! This blog is about us, Jill and Joy (hence J&J), and stories about our daily travels and/or adventures throughout life as well as some added features on tips for disabled travelers from first hand experience as well as video podcasts posted 4 times a year from our road trips including trip reports and how they fared for mobility-challenged individuals.

Jill and I, both being physically disabled, feel this has helped give us a different perspective on life which is one that should be embraced and lived with all the happy and sad times and good and bad decisions along the way, dreaming dreams, and setting goals that are obtainable! A balanced life! It’s that philosophy that we try to capture and envision within our stories and adventures through life.

With the starting of this blog, one of the hopes that both Jill and I have for its success is to encourage others who are mobility-challenged or have other medical impairments or who just need some encouragement or a good laugh to help them get through life’s challenges through our stories.

So, with that said, we hope that you will stop by, grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit down, and take in our life’s adventures, travels, and dreams along our journey.

Jill and Joy


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