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Freaky Friday

Date: Friday, September 2, 2011

Written By Joy Procida

Part 1:

It never ceases to amaze me how many weird looking things you come across from day-to-day. Take for instance, while in the drive through line at PNC Bank, there was a car that pulled up to the ATM machine. There was a dog in the car with its butt facing us in the back window of the car. I say, “What is that?” Cassandra states, “It’s a dog!” I said, “No, it’s a butt.” I think Cassandra is catching on as she says, “Oh yeah, it looks like an elephant.” And I agree with no hesitation that it does look like an elephant. The dog was a cross between a poodle and some other breed of dog and it was a large dog. The tail was shaped like an elephant’s trunk when you looked at it and there were two dark spots on either side of the tail giving the impression of eyes. But then Cassandra adds, “No, wait – it looks like Snuffleupagus.” Jill says, “Yeah, Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street.”

I do have to apologize for not getting a picture of this one. Cassandra was about to snap the picture when my phone decided that there were updates and rebooted! UGH!

Part 2:

Here we are again at the bank, but a different bank from before. We drive up to the drive through window at the bank and we all get big smiles on our faces as no one else is going through the drive through at the moment. The lady comes over the intercom and says: “I’ll be right with you; there are a couple other people in line.” Immediately Jill looks out the window to her right and says, “Where? There’s no one in line!” She points out that this is a drive through and that is one reason she goes through the drive through so she doesn’t have to go inside and wait in line. NOOOO, Jill would much rather wait in line in her car! 🙂 But, at least this time, it would have paid off because there was no one in line at the drive through.

Part 3:

Jill and Cassandra are coming from Irwin (for those of you out-of-staters, that’s Irwin, PA) and have 12 minutes to come pick me up from class at WCCC (Westmoreland County Community College in Youngwood, PA).

After discussing which way would be the quickest, Cassandra decided that the turnpike would be the quickest way to get to me. So, they start chatting about something and head for the turnpike at which time they headed toward Ohio and West. As they approach the bend around the exit ramp, Jill says, “We’re going the wrong way.” Cassandra says, “No, we’re going the right direction.” Okay, so this is how this all went down: Cassandra is pretty sure she is going the right direction to the point that she keeps explaining to Jill the reason why they are going in the right direction and Jill is sure they are going in the wrong direction.

I need to stop for a minute here and interrupt the story and explain why this is a bit uncommon and quite surprising in fact. Jill is usually the one that insists we are going in the correct direction when Jill is usually very insistent and often wrong. Cassandra is usually the one that is right.

So, anyway, Cassandra says to Jill, “We were in New Stanton and we needed to get to Irwin, so I headed toward Pittsburgh.” Just then, it hit her that she had it backwards!

Just a little aside note here: Of course none of this helped me at all as they had to go 20 miles in the WRONG direction before they could get turned around.

As Jill is telling me this story, she tells me that Cassandra wanted to get back off at Irwin (their starting destination)!!! We all know at this point that she needs to get off in New Stanton, right? Well they did finally arrive in New Stanton and Jill took Cassandra the back way. Jill is giving directions (LOL remember, Jill is the one usually getting us all lost) to Cassandra. They are stopped at a stop sign and Jill says, “We can go,” at which point Cassandra says, “I’m confused.” LOL Cassandra is not the one who usually gets confused, that is Jill or yours truly, but never Cassandra. So, Jill is like, “What?” She then looks at Cassandra incredulously and says, “You go straight, the college is right there,” and adds, “You seem to be directionally challenged today.

Upon hearing this story, it was like Jill and Cassandra switched bodies and minds for an afternoon! Talk about one Freaky Friday.

Part 4:

After Jill and Cassandra finally arrived in Youngwood to pick me up from class, we all decided that we were hungry and headed to Panera Bread for lunch. We arrive and Jill places her order to the cashier: “I’d like a strawberry poppy seed chicken salad.” The cashier asks Jill if she would like chicken with that? LOL Like, duh, I just told you I wanted the strawberry poppy seed CHICKEN salad. But, she was nice and didn’t give him a hard time.

We get our grub and find a place to sit down and eat. While we are eating, I decide that I’m going to wrap up the piece of white bread that I got to take home for my mom when it struck me that “Oh no, I must be getting old!” Have you ever noticed that anytime you are out with anyone older than 70, they start packing things up in their pocketbooks (my grandma’s word usage for purse) like they are going camping or something? They take anything they see on the tables – jam/jellies, sugar, bread – anything that can fit into that pocketbook goes in it! It must be kind of catchy because Cassandra says, “I think I’ll wrap up this apple to take with me.” HELP! We’re becoming one of the “them.” 🙂

Long day today. Now back home to do some work for my classes!



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