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The Music Composer

Written by Joy Procida

Hi there!

Here is an audio file that I created that gives an example of one of the songs that I composed a few years ago.  It was my own personal little Adventure that turned out to be pretty rewarding.   It took a  lot of work and patience, but if you really want to do something in this life, within reason of course…….like, I would not go jump off a bridge UNLESS I had a bungee cord, then do it!!!!  Have fun!  Life is a blast if you want it to be – even if with all the ups and downs.

Audio/My Song

Have a good one and enjoy life!!



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  1. Hey, I was able to hear the podcast from my computer at home. No registration required.

  2. I always thought this song was pretty cool!

  3. Jill, I love your podcast. I’m kinda sad that I can’t come to class any more, but I did start a great job this past week. Keep your podcast going….it is so much fun, and I think your song was really good!

    • Hey!

      Thanks a lot!! 🙂 I appreciate your encouragement!

      That is GREAT news about the job! Sorry you won’t be able to finish up the podcasting class with us all; however, but you have a new beginning and I think that is just awesome! I’ll try and keep the blog going! I want to add some different pages to it and Jill will be able to help with that once I’m finished with class. Right now, it’s part of my grade, so she can’t help. 🙂


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