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The Swimming Polar Bear

Written by Joy M. Procida

You know, it never fails that when you want to be somewhere at the right time, you just miss it.  And you’re probably wondering where that beginning is going to take us on our Excellent Adventure this post?  The Pittsburgh Zoo….Over the summer, Jill and I and our little 6-year-old cousin, as well as Cassandra and her family headed to the zoo.  It was the perfect day and well, since Jill and I bought a year’s membership to the Pittsburgh Zoo; we thought it would be a good idea to actually GO to the zoo.

It has been my goal every time we head to the zoo to hope to see the polar bears swimming in the water from inside the see-through glass tunnel.  And I bet some of you have guessed what direction I’m headed in by now?  So, on with the story then……

It was about that time of day…….LUNCH TIME!  And when you have kids and they are hungry, you need to stop and feed them.  Cassandra, being the good mom that she is, suggests that we feed the boys and then they can go and play…….you see, the adults and the older sibling did not want pizza, which is what the boys love to eat.  But at the same time, we needed a plan to keep both of those young guys occupied while the rest of the adults trekked to the other side of the zoo in order to get food to eat (see, moms think about that kind of stuff).  Excellent plan, I thought.  Only thing is, guess who got to stay behind and keep an eye on the young gentlemen (more like monkeys if you ask me, climbing all over the place), oh yes, yours truly.  🙂

So, a good 15 to 20 minutes later, they have not come back yet with the food (and I’m getting pretty hungry at this point), but don’t I get an email of an image of one of the polar bears swimming around in the water?  And yes, it was from inside the glass tunnel!!!!  I thought  “how could this be???”  They all got to see the polar bear swimming in the water from the glass tunnel and I missed it.

Wait, there is more to the story……….when the rest of the adults get back with the food, Jill says to Cassandra, “Did you show her the video?”  I said, “What?  You got video of the polar bear?!!!!”  All ended up not so bad.  I didn’t see the polar bear in the water swimming live, but I had the next best thing…….video taken from the phone!  WOOHOOO!

The moral of the story:  Just because you think you missed something big doesn’t always mean you missed it, you just may experience it in a different way.

Oh, and I’ll share that video with you……..thanks to Cassandra.   🙂

Have a good one!



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