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Young, But Insightful

Written by Joy M. Procida

Well, it has come to the end of the fall semester.  I forgot how much work school is and I can remember saying in 2002 when I obtained my certificate in medical transcription that I would never go back to school.  Yeah, right!  There has been some good things though that I can carry with me from this experience.

One thing I do have to mention is that being an older student, most of my classmates are much, much younger than I.  But, you know, a lot of them are very good students and I have actually learned from quite a few of them especially those students in my Drawing 1 class.  Thanks guys!  I’m gonna miss all of you!

A lot of them have had more experience than I with using different mediums as well as having a good understanding of the fundamentals of drawing and when I needed some information, they jumped right in and offered to help and provide that information for me.

Not only did they have helpful information for the drawing process, they had good adult insight into mature matters as well.  On Tuesday, I was becoming a little anxious about having to discuss my future goals with my faculty adviser because he is not the easiest person to talk with and one of the students offered some pretty good insight for me.  She said, when I want to say something mean to someone, I do the exact opposite and say something nice instead.  And ya know that was a very good answer.

So even though most of the students could be my children, they have a lot of insight to offer and a lot of knowledge to share………don’t cut them short because they are young.

Signing off!



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