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The Swimming Polar Bear

Written by Joy M. Procida

You know, it never fails that when you want to be somewhere at the right time, you just miss it.  And you’re probably wondering where that beginning is going to take us on our Excellent Adventure this post?  The Pittsburgh Zoo…. Read the rest of this entry


The Music Composer

Written by Joy Procida

Hi there!

Here is an audio file that I created that gives an example of one of the songs that I composed a few years ago.  It was my own personal little Adventure that turned out to be pretty rewarding.   It took a  lot of work and patience, but if you really want to do something in this life, within reason of course…….like, I would not go jump off a bridge UNLESS I had a bungee cord, then do it!!!!  Have fun!  Life is a blast if you want it to be – even if with all the ups and downs.

Audio/My Song

Have a good one and enjoy life!!