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Giving…Passion In Disguise?

Written by Joy M. Procida

As a lot of you know, both Jill and I are musicians and play in a few ensembles and I got to thinking that there are a lot of people that give up their time to volunteer for community organizations.   Everyone knows that in this day and age, time is priceless and hard to give up.   So, why do people do it then?


Do you ever take notice of how little time people have, but yet, they always seem to have time for what they enjoy doing most?   I’m guilty of this, we all are.  It’s that we tend to spend time that we don’t have on things that we are passionate about.  I love playing music and being back in school has pretty much taken up a good bit more time than I would like, but you know, I will continue to play music despite not having the time to do so because I’m so passionate about playing.

Anyway you look at it, giving is giving…….even if it is disguised as passion.